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Racing Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite fitted with TTR manufactured magnesium
wheels. Minilyte style the lightest in the world!  5 X 13inch. Available for most cars
in widths from 5 to 7 inch.

* 26R Pedal Box original style but with precision adjustable balance
bar - See Section BRAKES

* Oil New for 2016 - Motul Oils for your Lotus and Other Classic Cars

* Rollover Bar now All available in Ultra High Strength T45 Tube.
Weld in Kits available Standard and T45 Systems. - See Secction SAFETY

* Shock Absorbers - We are Constantly Upgrading and Improving our
Units with our Professional Test Driver.
Available this February: Special TTR | Koni Sport Double adjustable
rear units. New Spec TTR | Koni Sport Rears.
In Stock Now- See Section STEERING & SUSPENSION

* Propshaft - We have designed and produced an Anitshock version
of our Centre Propshaft. Ideal for High Power cars and very hard Drivers.
These give great protection to the entire drivline. See Section FINAL DRIVE 


TTRFD 999 Diff output shafts from F1 solid steel billet , 4 bolt + large diameter and Atlas splines £222.
Suitable for our new LSD and conversion parts available for existing LSD units . These are perfect for high power cars and  / or hard drivers !

TTRHU 110 Knock on Plus +2 Elan rear hub , extra high strength
"Using harnesses with Hans devices"
All of our harnesses are HANS compatible and until recently, when we ran out, they were supplied with tags supplied by Hubbard and Downing (the Patent holders of the HANS device) to combat misconceptions in the marketplace about the use of harnesses and HANS devices. 

When HANS devices were first introduced, the advice at the time for mounting shoulder straps was to take them backwards parallel to each other to the mounting point. With the slope over the shoulders of the early HANS devices this led to instances of the shoulder straps slipping off the drivers shoulders. Much has moved on over the years and now the advice for mounting shoulder straps is to have the mountings closer together than the width over the shoulders, which provides a small amount of inward tension on the shoulder straps. The design of the HANS devices has improved and the area over the shoulders is now much flatter and little lips have been added to the outer edge to retain the belts in place. Therefore with 3" regular shoulder straps with the mountings correctly spaced and a modern HANS device there should be no issues. We supply 4 of the F1 teams and all use regular 3" shoulder straps along with HANS devices.

HANS Use Only shoulder straps (the 3"/2" ones) are preferred by some drivers especially where the shoulder straps cannot be mounted in the ideal position but they are generally not required. They are promoted heavily by one of our competitors who is also trying to sell their HANS devices and some of the information given out we feel is somewhat misleading. A disadvantage of the HANS Use Only shoulder straps is in the name - they must be used with a HANS device where the 3" shoulder straps can be used with or without a HANS device which can be an advantage if drivers share a car.

Simon Perkins
Managing Director

NEW F.I.A. Governing Body Technical Passport
Information to Help Completion of New F.I.A. Historic Technical Passpot

** Please Note **
This is an informal guide and is only to asist unofficialy. We have No
jurisdiction or official control or association with any governing body.
The resposibility for compliance rests with the owner of the car.

click Here for PDF Guide